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Sailing trip with Bavaria 50

Sailing trip in the unique Kvarken Arhipelago
Sailing in Vaasa's unique archipelago is wonderful. To be able to sail midst islets and rocks on our exclusive yacht only to the sound of wind and sea is truly an experience.
Welcome aboard S/Y Branwyn, forget your every day bustle and treat yourself to two hours of luxury.


The best day of summer is spent at Stundars museum!
At Stundars Open Air museum you can experience what life was like in Ostrobothnia in the beginning of 1900s. You can choose to try your hands at everyday chores.

Guided Tours at STRÖMSÖ

Guided Tours behind the scenes
of the TV-show Strömsö, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in July 2020.
Bookings one day in advance!

Kappelinmäki Churchyard, Kappelinmäentie 159

The Kappelinmäki churchyard from 1784 is one Finland's oldest cemeteries which is still active use. Much of Vaasa's anchient history lies berried in its soil.
Time: June, on Tuesdays at 6-7.30 p.m.
Local bus from the market square, line nr.7 and from Raastuvankatu line nr.9.
Bookings one day in advance!

Evening Walk in Old Vaasa

King Charles IX established Vaasa in 1606 in the oldest harbour and merchant site of Ostrobothnia. King Charles III established Finland's second Court of Appeal in Vaasa.
Time: June, on Thursdays at 5-6:30 p.m.
Bookings one day in advance!

Evening Walk in Präntöö(Palosaari),Vaasa's First and Oldest Suburban Area

The picturesque Palosaari, home of many artists and writers, is a place worth visiting.
The building of sailing ships was started by C.G.Wolff in his shipyard already in the early 1800's.
Time: June, on Wednesdays at 5-6.30 p.m.
Bookings one day in advance!

Mathilda Wrede - the views of life

Mathilda, who was born in Vaasa, is known both as a noble girl and as a friend of the prisoners.
Time: In July Wednesdays 5 - 6 pm
Bookings one day in advance!

Historical Waasa

During “From statue to statue” tour you will be acquainted with Vaasa's statues and old, dignified architecture dating back from the 1850's onwards. Starting point: Finland's Liberty Statue in the market square.
Time: July-August, on Mondays at 1-2.30 p.m.
Bookings one day in advance!

Art & Design-Vaasa

Come along on a guided walk through craft shop and studios to explore local culture, arts and flavours. You will be surprised how much Vaasa has to offer! Walk is approx. 2 km long.
Book at least one day in advance!
Tours on Wednesdays in July and August from 1 pm to 3 pm

Walking in Raippaluoto Village

Drive across Finland's longest bridge to Replot and take a walk in the idyllic village of Replot.
Starting point Replot school, Kirkkotie 94, Replot.
Bookings one day in advance!

What did Karl Hedman and Emil Wikström do in Vaasa?

Doctor Karl Hedman collected extensive collections with the intention of establishing a museum in Vaasa and he later also became one of the people who founded the Ostrobothnia Museum. In August on Wednesdays at 5-6 pm.

Nature walk at the old farm Alkula

At Alkula farm, next to old tobacco fields, August Alexander Levón founded the first steam mill in Finland in 1849.
His enthusiastic interest in gardening has also left its marks in the nature of Alkula.